Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips for Kalispell Drivers

diesel maintenance tips Kalispell

If you own a diesel vehicle in the Kalispell area, are you wondering if caring for it differs from caring for a gas engine?  Actually, maintenance is easier. Diesel engines tend to be more durable than gas engines, with less required maintenance. Diesel engines also have fewer components than their gasoline counterparts, which means fewer parts that could malfunction. That said, follow these diesel engine maintenance tips to keep your vehicle on the road longer.

Monitor Coolant Levels

As with gas engines, one of the most important maintenance tasks is monitoring and maintaining appropriate diesel engine coolant levels. Coolant gradually becomes more acidic over time, which can result in rotting. This can harm the radiator. Have your diesel mechanic check and flush your vehicle’s coolant regularly.

Replace Fuel Filters Regularly

Every 10-15,000 miles your fuel filters should be replaced. If your fuel filter is dirty, the fuel can clog the fuel injectors. If your injectors are subjected to a dirty filter for too long, they’ll need to be replaced sooner than they would normally.

Change Air Filters When Needed

The frequency of air filter replacement will depend on what’s happening where you’re driving. Kalispell drivers often see some serious fire seasons in late summer; your filters may get dirty quickly if this happens. These filters can be checked without removing the current filter.

Diesel Maintenance Tips & Engine Assistance for Kalispell

If you believe your fuel injector or turbocharger system are in need of maintenance, contact the specialists at Advanced Diesel & Supply Inc. in Spokane to schedule an appointment. We’ve served drivers in and around Kalispell for years. Our technicians have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to address all your diesel needs. You can also count on our shop for quality diesel products.

Diesel Maintenance Tips & Expert Help Near Kalispell

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