Why Is Your Diesel Fuel Injector Pump Failing in Kennewick?

fuel injector pump kennewickAre you concerned about your diesel fuel injector pump in Kennewick? If your pump is constantly giving you problems, it’s important to find out why. It may be that you’re unknowingly allowing an issue to develop and worsen. Have a diesel mechanic examine your vehicle to diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate diesel fuel delivery system repairs

Using Dirty Fuel

Subpar diesel fuel can be a huge problem for your fuel injector pump. Over time, your fuel system may become plagued by residue buildup caused by the use of poor-quality fuel. If you’ve noticed your diesel engine sputtering and hesitating as you accelerate, this may be your issue.

Driving With Too Little Fuel

Keeping your diesel fuel injection pump well lubricated is imperative. If you let your tank get too low, your system may push air through instead of diesel fuel. This causes significant wear on your fuel pump bearings. Doing this over a prolonged period of time can ruin your fuel pump injectors.

Disrupted Injector Timing

While a defective diesel fuel injector O-ring or ball seat probably isn’t your fault, it is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. When the timing of fuel transfer is off, it may be necessary to rebuild or replace your pump.

Having Trouble With Your Diesel Fuel Injector Pump in Kennewick?

If you think your fuel injector may be failing, stop by Advanced Diesel & Supply Inc. in Spokane. Our technicians can assist with all your needs, including diesel fuel delivery system upgrade and repairs. We also offer quality diesel products at excellent prices. We look forward to serving as your solution for diesel fuel injector repairs and replacement near Kennewick! Contact us today for all your diesel engine needs.

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