Common Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Issues in Missoula

diesel fuel injection pump, fuel injection pumpAre you having problems with your vehicle’s diesel fuel injection pump in Missoula? This is one of your engine’s most significant components. So, you would be wise to have a professional diesel mechanic address issues right away. Failing to fix the underlying problem in a timely manner can be an extremely expensive mistake. A fully functional pump results in improved overall performance and smoother operation. Spotting trouble can be difficult. Contact a professional if you notice any of the following signs:

Engine Sputtering

Your diesel fuel injection pump may be malfunctioning if your engine sputters. You may only notice this issue at certain speeds. Your engine may run smoothly for a while and then begin sputtering or coughing as it accelerates. See a specialist for an assessment right away.

Engine Misfire

A misfire can also indicate that your diesel fuel injection pump is failing. This usually occurs when your engine isn’t sparking correctly. This can happen when your injector isn’t supplying the right amount of fuel. Over time, this issue can do a lot of damage to your engine.

Engine Weakness

Engine weakness is another sign there’s something wrong with your diesel fuel injection pump. This is easiest to notice when accelerating; you may find your vehicle is incapable of speeding up.

Need Assistance with Your Diesel Fuel Injection Pump in Missoula?

Do you need assistance with your diesel fuel injection pump in Missoula? If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned problems, it’s time to have a specialist evaluate your vehicle. The pros at Advanced Diesel & Supply Inc. in Spokane have offered superior diesel fuel delivery system repair services, fuel delivery system upgrades and diesel product sales for years. We’ll be happy to identify the underlying issue before recommending the most appropriate course of action. With years of experience, we have the skills and equipment to address all your diesel needs.

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Services in Missoula

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