Common Causes of Diesel Turbocharger Failure in Kennewick

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Are you worried your diesel turbocharger may be failing in Kennewick, Washington? Your car or truck’s turbocharger makes it more powerful by forcing air into the combustion chamber. A diesel turbocharger is designed to function properly for many years, but problems can develop over time. There are several causes for a turbocharger to fail, so a diesel mechanic will need to evaluate your vehicle thoroughly before diagnosing the underlying issue. Some common problems that contribute to damage and failure include:

Debris Buildup

Rocks and dirt can gain entrance into your diesel turbocharger when the air filter fails to catch them. A buildup of these materials will result in performance issues.

Faulty Seals or Cracks

When there are faulty seals or cracks between the compressor and engine, the diesel turbocharger has to work harder to force air into the engine. This usually results in a lack of power.

Carbon Deposits

Fresh oil keeps your diesel turbocharger well lubricated. If the oil is contaminated, however, this will cause significant damage. This usually happens when drivers fail to change the oil and/or oil filter, which causes the development of carbon deposits.

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